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Anayd Blu

For me, designing jewelry is just another way to express my creativity. It’s wearable art.

The jewel-object goes beyond its condition of decorative element/ornament, it also has something to say: a story, a dream, a thought, a manifest for a cause, a statement. It speaks about emotions, hope, joy.

I create my pieces of jewelry in silver and bronze, combined with leather, resin or gemstones and I believe that whenever you need to step down for a moment from life’s roller coaster, the beautiful things will help you reconnect with yourself and remind you about what is really important.

I’d love to see that when my pieces of jewelry are worn, the day becomes beautiful and the world a brighter place.


The mirror of the moment

Life is a collection of moments and sensations, some pass, others remain forever in our memory.

A blink of an eyelash, a breath, a clock ticking, the sound of a wave... 

A moment ... like an Enso circle, made in a single stroke of the brush, perfect in its imperfection, as life itself is.

Unique moments in your life, just like the jewel you are looking at.



The experiences, the challenges, the difficult moments in life help us evolve.

We go through Earth, Water, Fire and we rise again into the Air

with wings made of light.

We are born again, like the Phoenix bird, greater, wiser, stronger.

"Don’t ever give up! There is no end, just a new beginning"


Discover and try Anayd's pieces at Assamblage Jewelry Gallery
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