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Pursuing jewelry as state of art and necessity, Assamblage Gallery is the result of a long process of stimulating, supporting and growing the contemporary jewelry field. Located in Bucharest, Romania, Assamblage Gallery is the first permanent space dedicated to contemporary jewelry aiming to build a future on the present actions.

Designed in an eclectic register of vision and concept, not providing a single type of jewelry, but instead the extraordinary diversity of contemporary jewelry, Assamblage Gallery is the space where the voices of artists meet the eyes of the public. The variety of pieces exhibited here ranges from experimental jewelry with alternative materials, to contemporary fine jewelry, making it also a continuation of Assamblage Jewelry School's effort to educate the public towards this discipline.


Discover the gallery

Visitors can explore the vast selection of art, designs, and creative experiments by attending Gallery’s special events, and finding unique pieces to add to their personal collections. Assamblage Gallery is a place where contemporary jewelry is celebrated and where the artist's works can reach their highest potential. 


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