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Vadym Logvynenko is a jeweler from Ukraine, founder of  LOGVIN - a jewelry brand with hidden meanings for those who are inspired by the depth and choose meaningful things. Because of the war in his country, he moved to Romania and continue to create here.

Vadim`s jewelry is recommended by Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Elle, Marie Claire, L`officiel, and Cosmopolitan.

Vadym is a participant in the largest jewelry exhibitions in Europe (Romanian jewelry week, Bijorhca, Gem Geneve, etc.).

You can also join the ancient gilding technique workshop at the Assamblage School.

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The way

‘The Way’ collection presents bracelets and cuffs, which could be worn as rings. Things are made from 925 Sterling Silver and 24K pure Gold using the ancient technique ‘keumboo’, which requires a flair from the master - a sense of the moment when metals are ready to unite. The collection is about our spiritual maturation. A series of events, successes and failures, insights, moments of happiness, and inspiration always leave a mark on our subtle bodies and fulfill us with essence and wisdom. Under pressure we become precious.

Discover and try Logvin at Assamblage Jewelry Gallery
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