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Lily Kanellopoulou

 Born in Athens, Greece.                                                                                                                  

Studies: Vakalo Art and Design College, Acting School of Drama Hatjikou in Athens. Silvesmithing, jewelry and metalwork studies (2012-2017) in Athens and Florence.             

Exhibitions: Group exhibitions  in Athens and abroad: 2013-2023. Selected to participate as individual artist in Athens Jewelry Week exhibition : 2018,2019, in JOYA Barcelona Art Jewelry Fair: 2018,2019, in Romanian Jewelry Week exhibition : 2022, in Israel Biennale of Contemporary Jewelry: 2022.                                                                                                          

Awards: Textilia in Athens: awards for textile fashion design: 1984 and 1985. Joya Barcelona winner’s award:2019. The grand award of Romanian Jewelry Week: 2022.


The sight of memory

Pieces of wood eroded by the sea wind, the rain and the sun found in the yard of my cottage, were selected carefully and became the raw material for the creation of the pieces of the collection. The compositions and the elements that were combined, express memories and my seeing of places, beloved ruins and old objects that have their own stories to narrate and talk about time, roots and heritage.

Discover and try Lily's pieces at Assamblage Jewelry Gallery
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