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Ukrainian jewelry designer Igor Kalita.

The beauty of nature has always fascinated me, so all my jewelry is somehow associated with flowers, the texture of tree bark, leaves, earth, and sand.

I love the symbiosis of the beauty of nature and the beauty of women as its best creation.

It is important for me to do what I like and creating jewelry gives me pleasure, so all my collections are timeless, I do not chase trends, and I do not produce mass-produced items but only special and limited editions



Flowers are the smile of the sun that brings joy. Flowers awaken wonderful feelings because they are perfection itself. And the world of flowers - delicate and bright, whimsical and extremely beautiful, in textured metal and beautiful amethysts, topaz and citrines has conveyed this beauty of nature.

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The Dune collection is endless sand, the wind changes the shape of sand dunes, but the desert remains the same...

Discover and try Kalita's pieces at Assamblage Jewelry Gallery
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