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David Sandu

David Sandu is the first Romanian artist who made contemporary jewelry his main field of interest and expression. He begins his apprenticeship as a jewelry designer at the age of 13 in the studio of Vlad Gherghiceanu (sculptor and jewelry artist), and soon gets in touch with the classic techniques of author jewelry from the aesthetic and conceptual perspective of contemporary art.


5% + Dialogue with classic jewelry

The act of reevaluating a previous collection is a significant undertaking for any artist. They view their past work with fresh eyes, incorporating their current perspective and ideas.

5% + Dialogue with classic jewelry" is a tribute to the master jewelers who created extraordinary things in times when jewelry was not considered an art. This collection reinterprets classical themes of the jewelers before World War II.

Discover and try David's pieces at Assamblage Jewelry Gallery
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