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Tomas Miskovic

Tomas Miskovic has been a jeweler for over 20 years. After a start in fine jewelry, he quickly found his passion for art jewelry, winning several awards for his designs and techniques. With the label "unexpected jewelry", he attempts to break the rules of "ordinary" jewelry and of the expected. Each piece is an experiment in pushing the boundaries of the craft and attempting to re-invent what jewelry can be. At the same time, he wants to stay true to his roots in traditional goldsmithing, using established materials - gold, sterling silver, precious stones – and techniques.



The Shelter Collection is inspired by the design of the Granatkapelle in the Austrian Alps and features a modern and architectural look. The collection is about protecting that which is most sacred within oneself. While we may be colorful and full of life on the inside, when we try too hard to protect ourselves, we appear closed and opaque on the outside  - just like these rings!



“I feel like we're living on the edge

And the cliffs are eroding”

Enter Shikari, Take my country back


The Edge Collection is a commentary on the precarious state of the world. Faced with turmoil, several crises, and a rapidly changing environment, we often feel like the ground beneath our feet is crumbling, making us also feel emotionally “on the edge”.

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