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Maria Paltin

I have always made jewelry, in my childhood I used to play with copper wire and small beads that I had stolen from my mom’s jewelry box. Later, after I graduated from the Ion Mincu architecture university, with the materials I had left from the layout, I started making with a dear friend plexiglass jewelry. That period of time was very important for my journey. I could apply the esthetics learned in college so that I could enter the wonderful world of contemporary jewelry. Three years ago I discovered porcelain, and it was an epifanie, the moment I touched the wet clay, I knew this was my journey. I like to seek inspiration in the animal and vegetable world, in the art of classic artists like Brancusi, Matisse…but sometimes events around us are an inspiration, the incredible courage that some people naturally have.

Maria Paltin

Dignity Collection

This is a very personal collection that was born in a time loaded with strong emotions that I could not suppress. They dominated for a while my every thought and sensation…This collection is about the dignity and human strength so necessary in these troubled times. It appeared from the need to raise awareness about those who do not let themselves be overwhelmed by fear, about those who overcome the natural self-preservation instinct and rise above.

The central piece- the vertebrae- is a symbol of strength, dignity, and power. I wanted the pieces to show this strength but remain jewelry. The contrast between the strong message/of never giving up/ and the fragility and beauty of translucent porcelain create surprising pieces.

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