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Madeleine is an independent jewelry line by designer Madalina Tudor Radulea.

Each piece has a story and hopefully you will find someone to resonate with yours.

Every piece is designed and hand-crafted in Bucharest and the casting is done in a local studio. Every piece is either small series, or unique. The works are inspired by visual art, rich materials, extreme adornments, organic and raw forms and shaped with a minimalist aesthetic. We use recycled precious metals, like silver and gold, so each piece has dozens, or hundreds of years of history melted into a piece of design.

Madalina is a graduate of University of Architecture in Bucharest, with courses at Istituto Europeo de Design in Milan and Institute Marangoni in Paris. She was first introduced to modern jewelry at Assamblage Jewelery School in Bucharest in 2013.



Tradition brought back in a modern key 

Inspired by the old 20 Francs Napoléon coins and the traditional necklace worn by girls and endowing their marriage, the new Heritage collection is a revival of the past in modern key. 

The coin replicas marry with the organic mount crafted in typical Madeleine style and create astonishing pendants and rings, the perfect accent for the discerning client. 

This is the fourth collection by Madeleine and, true to the distinctive elements of design that permeate them all, mixes the organic, raw creations with femineity and distinctiveness.

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