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Letitia Domingues

Leticia Domingues is an artist born in Leiria, Portugal. After graduating with a license in Chemical Engineer at University of Lisbon, she entered the scientific research field becoming a Laboratory Engineer at Severn Trent Laboratory, Tallahassee, Florida, USA. It was 2004 when she graduated an introductory course in jewelry making in Florida at State University Art Center and she has been freelancing in this field since then.

Letitia Domingues


There is a symbiosis between perceived material properties and aesthetics that gives meaning to my work. The real, tangible physical surface and its visual texture evoke a sensory experience that resonates with our emotions. It raises expectations that, at times, can be misleading - or that can be deliberately subverted or made incongruous, dissonant. We feel disturbance, surprise, curiosity. The clash of materials, shapes, massiveness and lightness changes our relationship to reality or reconciles us with our personal view when it seems to be at odds with conventional thinking.

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