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Laura Moisa

I was born and raised in Romania, and I really love this country. I’ve been passionate about art in all its forms for my entire life, having studied both Interior Design and Jewelry Design. When the pandemic started, I began working on my dream of creating jewelry and I founded Allegra Jewelry Collection. Ever since then my brain has been bursting with ideas. My soul is full of emotions which can always be found in my work. Each piece of jewelry I create is unique and each one is meant for a special person. And, because when I work - I think of that person - my creation becomes a mirror of their soul. Each of my pieces has its own, unique story and people always want to discover it. Choosing a jewelry that has a story, means being part of that story.

Laura Moisa

Nature’s vibrations

For all my life I’ve felt like I am one with nature.When I was a child, I wanted to lay my ear close to the ground and hear the plants growing…Once, I hugged a tree so tight that when I closed my eyes, I felt like I could see its glowing sap flowing through its branches…When I stop and listen to the sounds of nature, all I hear is music, as if the world was inviting me to dance…When I am walking in the middle of the night and smell the cold, refreshing air around me, it feels like home…When I taste the nectar of life, I receive the energy of nature as a gift…I vibrate when I feel nature surrounding me; so, my art is my way of saying ‘Thank you!’… because jewelry lasts forever…

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