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Diana Pantea

As a contemporary art jeweler she combines traditional techniques, art and design. The shapes of the jewels, even though abstract, are meant to leave an unfinished dialogue between the jeweler, wearer and the viewer. 

Diana Pantea

On her creations:

It is a combination of science and utopia, imagination and creation. It’s about everything I like and anything I imagine based on what I learned. It’s more than a simple project for me: it’s my refuge from reality, it’s my mind wandering off to a more idyllic and peaceful place.

I created an army of floating creatures from a far away planet. And I wanted to save some relics from them as I would pick up or collect animal and vegetal collectibles from this planet: seashells, tree bark, snake skin, deer antlers, plant seeds. As the creatures would fade away, they would leave behind osseous and skin tissue that can be picked up and transformed into jewellery.

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