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Andreia Gabriela Popescu

Designer and manufacturer, Andreia Gabriela Popescu creates unique and sophisticated contemporary jewelry since 2010. She is also teacher of contemporary jewelry and her pieces stand out through daring volumes and new surface finishes. Their apparent difficult wearability proves to be complex and atypical. Andreia uses platinum, gold, silver, gems and semiprecious stones, next to unconventional materials suc as resin.

Andreia Gabriela Popescu

Solve et Coagula Colors

Colors are an amazing phenomenon! 

They are all around us and influence us almost without realizing it. The moment we focus on colors, we begin to understand what we are feeling. And by focusing on what we feel, we can get to know each other better. If we ”turn off” the colors, we will ”turn off” our feelings. We would lose the most intimate and profound ”tools” to express our feelings. In a world without colors, we would alienate each other and lose contact with our own inner being. 

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