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Madalina Spiridon

Mădălina Spiridon is from Romania and she is a jewellery artist. Every piece she makes has a special meaning.

    She is in search of symbols of emotions, gestures, actions through the use of materials and colors that activate a sensorial memory.

   Her work was exposed during the three editions of Romanian Jewelry Week. She was one of the artists selected to join the "you are here" exhibition of the first edition of the Jewelry Biennial of Lisbon  and in October 2022 she exhibited her work on two categories at Milano Jewelry Week.

    She graduated the University of Art and Design Cluj-Napoca, bachelor and master. Her jewellery journey started in 2019, attending the Assamblaje Contemporary Jewelry School.

Madalina Spiridon

Leafs of Intimacy

Using the ancient technique of enamel, I discovered the means of combining my favorite artistic expressions: jewelry, with it’s specific elegance, and painting with its revealing expressiveness.

The technique proves to be ideal for my intention to revive the delicateness of intimacy. I try to bring back to the human consciousness the body as an amphora of divinity, in contrast to the current temporal context that tends to use the physical form as a transaction.

The current collection urges the contemplation of beauty and the exposure of the human soul through the tenderness of the body that excludes basic instincts and the perversion of sensuality.