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Mihaela Ciocâlteu

 I am Mihaela Ciocâlteu and I’m a jewelry artist.  SemperArgentum is my soul brand through which I connect with art lovers,unique handmade jewelry.    I’m part of a generation in which “This is how it is done,this is how it should be done,this is how it falls” were unwritten rules.  I did not find myself,I did not adapt.   I have learned that it is never too early or too late to wish for you.  I can consider myself a pampered of life. It is a privilege to dream,to set goals and to fulfill them.

7 Fairytales

 I am deeply fascinated with human faces,with life  stories,with children fairytales…    I am enchanted with the way the raw metal responds to me.    It resembles a good friend,faithful and trustworthy:it allows you to make mistakes without judgement,it thoroughly supports you,it celebrates with you.

Discover and try Mihaela's pieces at Assamblage Jewelry Gallery
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